Forever is Now Concept

Forever is Now Concept

*Forever Is Now.03: The Future is Ours

Forever Is Now a contemporary art exhibition that brings together artists from throughout the region and the world to contemplate the wonder of an ancient civilization through the lens created by their present-day interests, concerns, and passions. Located at the 4500-year-old UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pyramids of Giza, and the surrounding plateau, the exhibition seeks to question the new era of technology and cultural change by juxtaposing treasured cultural heritage with the rich diversity of contemporary art practice.

It is designed to trace the continuity of themes that stretch from the storied past to the present day – as well as to hope and dream about the future of humanity. Egyptians are blessed with a great legacy.

Until this very day, archaeologists continue to unravel the secrets of their ancestors through the invaluable artifacts and monuments that have survived. The recent discovery of a new nine-meter-long secret corridor close to the main entrance of the Pyramid of Khufu is a case in point and has sparked speculation of further findings at this last of the Seven

Wonders of the Ancient World Nevertheless, the journey to understanding the mysteriousness of ancient Egyptian history is complex and arduous, combining both intricate details and the powerful energy that emanates from ancient artifacts and architecture.

Modern and contemporary artists seek to do justice and pay tribute to this rich and unique cultural heritage with its unparalleled range of inspirational themes and topics, exploring everything from profound philosophical ideas and the relationship between humans and nature to the playful use of color, the geometric genius, and the timeless endurance of murals and sculpture, to name but a few.

The third edition of Forever is Now reflecting on land and history, ecology, and humanity by situating contemporary artworks at the magnificent site of the Pyramids of Giza.

Through an immersive experience of public art, the exhibition highlights the attempts to translate the many layers of ancient Egypt into a contemporary language, featuring works by local and international artists that narrate our rapidly changing world.

The audience is invited to explore the power of perspective in a world beyond truth.

By bringing together this broad collection of artworks, visitors are invited to experience contemporary art in a new and accessible way through conversation and creativity.

They are asked to interact, as the playfulness of the works is activated by the encounter of the individual and their decision to engage their intellect and curiosity.

The overarching vision behind this annual exhibition is to build a culture of interconnectivity and care, one where hope for the future can be found.

Bringing together people from around the world, the exhibition includes a cross-cultural exchange with local communities, encouraging a high level of engagement with different publics, not just visitors but also craftspeople, students, and laborers, thus providing new ways of accessing contemporary art for the uninitiated.

Forever Is Now.03 is an ode to the enchantment of ancient Egypt’s cultural heritage while the contemporary installations are a testament to the continual evolution of art.

Taking place during a tumultuous time that sees our present disturbed in myriad ways, the exhibition is an homage to the continuum of our civilization and our relentless pursuit of life.

Hope and faith are anchored within our knowledge of the past and the unwavering belief that there is no conception of the future without history

We look at the narrative of past achievements to find inspiration for successive generations.

Forever is Now.03 is not simply a revival of this history, however, for the past can never be complete in the present.

Rather, it is a contribution to a contemporary artistic legacy in a place of worldwide historical significance.

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