Arne Quinze* is a Belgian

Arne Quinze* is a Belgian

* contemporary artist, painter, and sculptor.

His work ranges from captivating abstract paintings in oil to massive metal installations in public spaces around the world.

Through his work, he aims to

encourage conversation between spectators, and ultimately, inspire them to reconnect with their earthly roots by showing nature’s divine beauty.

The inspiration from Quinze’s work originates from the artist’s wildflower field in the garden of his atelier, where he can study the architectural growth of thousands of plants and flowers throughout the changing seasons of the year.

Each of Quinze’s pieces depicts the strength and, at the same time, the fragility of his wildflower garden. He portrays the beauty that exists in nature’s diversity, and hopes, in this way, to inspire viewers to live in harmony with the earth and all her treasures.

Quinze’s new narrative unveils a world where earth once thrived as the true Garden of Eden, beautifully balanced in every aspect. However, an unprecedented meteor, originating from space, crashed into the Earth, bringing with it alien DNA that would later develop into humanity as we know it today.

This alien genetic code disrupted the delicate equilibrium by taking without reciprocating, causing an unsettling imbalance in the system.

Within this narrative, Quinze assumes the persona of an alien and invites his spectators to reflect on their relationship with nature. He makes it his mission to restore the balance on earth by showcasing the beauty of the natural realm within his work.

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