Heroes of the Century of Türkiye

Heroes of the Century of Türkiye

cairo – Randa Refaat

-As we are preparing to celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye, the theme of the 15th of July-Democracy and National Unity Day was established as “Heroes of the Century of Türkiye”. -On the night of the 15th of July 2016, under the leadership of our President H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our citizens defended Türkiye’s independence and the national will in order to save the homeland and the Turkish nation. That night, the foundations of the Century of Türkiye” were laid and July 15 was written in gold letters in our nation’s history. -To protect our Republic, whose foundations were laid in 1923, it is fundamental to be “One Nation,One Flag,One Homeland, One State”. -15th of July is the victory of democracy. All segments of society hav become one body around a single purpose: to protect their country, flag and democracy. Our citizens defended our democracy against the terrorists who bombed the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which is symbolizes the national will. -The FETO terrorist organization lies behind the July 15 coup attempt. July 15 revealed the great threat that FETO terrorist organization is to our state. -One of the main prioritiesof our state is to continue the fight against FETO in Türkiye and abroad.Under the auspices and determination of our President H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, significant progress has been made in this direction. FETO terrorist organization threatens all countries in which it operates by hiding behind concepts such as humanitarian aid, education and trade. -Under the instructions of our Minister H.E Hakan Fidan, fight against FETO structures established abroad continues to be one of the top priorities of our Ministry. – Fight against FETO is only one aspect of Türkiye’s fight against national and international threats. Our country is fighting and will continue to fight against all the threats it faces in order to protect its sovereign rights and the unity and integrity of its territory. -July 15 is a blessed resistance. It is the day when the will of the nation, with all its glory, set a barrier against terrorism. It is a heroic epic in which the nation ended with its strong determination a period of coups, broke the traps, did not allow the terrorists through and thwarted the treacherous plans with their courage and faith. -“Heroes of the Century of Türkiye”, who destroyed courageously the obstacles built in front of its will, wrote a new manifesto of resistance, freedom and independence against tanks and artillery on the 15th of July. Those heroes resisted as one mind, one heart, one wrist against those who set their eyes on their homeland until the dark night turned into light. -During that night of resistance and resurrection, our martyrs and veterans entrusted us a free future, paved the way for the Century of Turkiye and left us a legacy that will make us remember that betrayal and loyalty should never be forgotten. -The spirit of July 15 is the assurance of our future. Our nation is the owner of our homeland. We will not forget the epic and glorious resistance that our heroes wrote on the night of 15th of July in the light of the call and the stance of our President that illuminated the darkness of that night.  -We will not forgive those who cast their eyes and compromised the future of this country. Everyone should know and hear: fighting FETO terrorist organization is our top priority. Under the leadership of our President, our fight against all terrorist organizations, especially FETO, will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized. We will continue our fight determination and a holistic understanding, within the framework of strategies to eradicate terrorism at its source and neutralize terrorist organizations in every field they operate. -On the occasion of 15th of July 15, Democracy and National Unity Day, we commemorate our martyrs with mercy and wish our veterans good health and well-being. We pay all our respects to our beloved and heroic nation.

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